Welcome to Tears of The Sword

Custom production of R P Martin and Tears of the Sword custom cutlery. Tears of the Sword custom cutlery specializes in hand forged damascus and hand crafted custom tactical knives for members of Americas Elite Armed Forces.

Currently I have the following steels in my inventory.

Carbon steels:
A-2, D-2, O-1, CPM 10V, CPM 3V, L-6, 15N20, 52-100, 51-60, 51-50 and a few others in limited quantities.

Stainless steels:
CPM S30V, CPM S60V, CPM S90V, CPM 154, CPM 440C, ATS-34, etc..
I also have the ability for custom formulate and alloy steel batches up to 20 lbs at a time with my 2 smelting forges. Adding Cobalt, Tungsten, Vanadium or various other elements can definitely accomplish performance aspects not present in commercially available steels.

Handle materials currently in stock include:

Manmade materials:
Canvas and linen Micarta in various colors.
Naturally stable woods: Brier root burl, Desert Ironwood, Madron burl, purple heart, Red Malle, old stock Cocobolo burl.

Stabilized woods:
Curly Koa burl, various species of Maple burls, etc..
Mammoth, pre ban elephant and walrus ivory.

Lapis lazuli, blue tiger eye, brown tiger eye, malachite, petrified woods and dinosaur poop as well as a large selection of faceted stones.